“It’s difficult with geniuses.” Vera Brezhneva spoke frankly about jealousy and revealed the secret of a happy marriage with Meladze

Vera Brezhneva revealed the secret of a harmonious marriage (Photo: Arman Davletyarov / YouTube)

Ukrainian singer Vera Brezhneva , who lives and works in Russia, gave a frank interview in which she spoke about her relationship with her husband, producer Konstantin Meladze.

The 38-year-old star became a guest of Arman Davletyarov’s YouTube show, in a conversation with whom she revealed the secret of a happy marriage. According to Brezhneva, mutual understanding helps them to maintain harmonious relations with Meladze:

“After grinding, I realized that I want to connect my life with him. There was no such thought during grinding. It’s difficult with geniuses. It is really difficult with people who have achieved something. At this point, we have mutual understanding and trust. Due to the fact that we rarely see each other, each of our meetings is long-awaited and we always have something to talk about, something to tell each other about, ”the singer opened up.

Brezhnev, who prefers not to speak publicly about her marriage to Meladze, this time admitted that at the beginning of the relationship she tried to change him. The singer noted that her husband does not fly on airplanes:

“At first I was outraged. I thought that this could and should be changed. But later I realized that neither I can change it, nor he, until he wants to. What could I do? Either continue to be angry at this, or already accept, understand and take it calmly. I did just that. Moreover, I started driving with him. The two of us, we always have something to talk about. We spend time together in a closed space for twelve hours. Every woman’s dream is that a man is only hers, ”she says.


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The singer added that she was always more hot-tempered in a relationship, but over time she realized that you should not bring your partner to the “boiling point”:

“Of course, I’m more quick-tempered. But Kostya has a boiling point. He can be silent, but if he is brought to this, he can freak out and punch on the table. As a wise woman, I already try not to lead to this. I used to defend my case. But now I understand that the truth is different. Therefore, I do not prove my case, I try to understand the situation. Wisdom is a great thing. I am glad that it is acquired with age. It’s easier for me now, ”the star admitted.


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Brezhnev also spoke about jealousy, admitting that she was a jealous person:

“I am a jealous person, but if you don’t give me a reason, I won’t show it. But if you give me a reason, then it’s better not to anger me. Don’t wake the beast in me, seriously. Jealousy in large quantities is a destructive force, ”says the star.

Recall that Vera Brezhneva and Konstantin Meladze secretly signed at the resort of Forte dei Marmi in Italy in the fall of 2015.