“It’s hard to rehearse this.” Bridgerton star Phoebe Dinevor on filming sex scenes and sudden popularity

Phoebe Dynevor: "Nobody wants a man to tell you how to play an orgasm" (Photo: Tim Dynevor / Glamor UK)

British actress Phoebe Daynevor, who gained worldwide fame after the release of the most successful Netflix series to date, Bridgerton, in an interview with Glamor talked about the sudden popularity, filming bed scenes and lying at the audition.

25-year-old Phoebe Dynevor was thinking about taking a break from her acting career when she was chosen to play one of the main characters in the drama Shonda Rhimes Bridgerton.

“Once you see Netflix, you know people will watch it because it’s Netflix. It’s a big platform. We knew people would watch it (the show) and we knew that it has a fan base among people who love the book. But to see it become an explosion was unexpected. I remember me and Jonathan Bailey, who plays Anthony, my brother, discussing what we were shooting. It was so unusual and new. We weren’t sure if it was going to be a historical drama, or what kind of drama it would be, whether it would feature contemporary music … We filmed hoping for the best and wondering what it would turn out to be. When I finally watched the show, I thought, “Oh, it’s good!” – the actress shared her thoughts on the popularity of the series.

Photo: Tim Dynevor / Glamor UK

According to the actress, she is still not recognized on the streets of her native Manchester, although many of her public appearances are later discussed in the tabloids: “I will never be recognized because I just go shopping or walk with my mom or dad. … I still don’t quite believe that the show is such a big success as if it was only my family, friends, actors, and the team who saw it and no one else. “

Daynevor spoke about the day she found out she was cast in the Bridgertons. “I really remember that day. I was living in Los Angeles at the time, and at that point in my career I gave up. I wanted to go home – back to Manchester – and was about to book a ticket when they called me that I would read with Rare ( Rarely Jean Page). “

“Sometimes when you audition and apply for a role, you don’t want to admit to yourself that this is all you ever wanted. But deep down, I knew that I really wanted to play Daphne. I was overjoyed to be able to play it. And immediately, of course, fear arises, ”added the actress.

“I played with the thought of her anxiety. It was something that connected me to her because I am also restless. I wanted to convey everything that was boiling inside, but she could not show. She always portrays something that is very different from what she feels inside, ”- said Daynevor about her heroine.

Photo: Shot from the Bridgerton series

Daynevor said that the most difficult scene for her was masturbation: “ It was the most difficult scene to shoot. It says something because we shot a lot of difficult scenes. In such scenes, you feel very vulnerable. We shot intimate scenes as tricks – we fenced them off, there were yoga balls between us, and all kinds of things that didn’t make us feel unprotected. You always felt safe. But when you are alone, that’s another matter. The directions for the scene are very specific: you have to [play] an orgasm. It’s hard to rehearse, so you don’t do it. ”

According to her, in the filming of the scene, she was greatly helped by the show coordinator for intimate scenes Lizzie Talbot. “Lizzie was on the set of that scene. If we didn’t have an intimate scene coordinator, our director, a man, would come up to me and tell me what to do. It would be embarrassing. I felt safe knowing that Lizzie was there, so if something goes wrong or the director wants something else, he can talk to her first. … No one wants a man to tell him how to play an orgasm [on the set], ”said the actress.

Photo: Tim Dynevor / Glamor UK

Daynevor confirmed that she had to take riding and dance lessons and also admitted that she lied about horses at the audition: “I always said that I didn’t like horses and I was afraid of them. But at the audition, when I was asked: “Have you ridden a horse before?” I replied: “Yes, I drive amazingly. I have ridden many horses. I would be perfect for this role! “