It’s imminent Phase 3 by Covid-19 in Tlaxcala; there will be stricter measures


Tlaxcala has a “window” of two weeks to prevent the lower number of infections by Coronaviruses (Covid-19) with the imminent arrival of Phase 3 in Mexico, said the governor Marco Antonio Mena Rodriguez.

It is for this reason that his administration announced Saturday new measures to prioritize not only the healthy distance between the population, but the social isolation.

“No measure of health operates without the participation of the citizenship”, expressed the request to the 60 mayors of the entity for their cooperation to make people aware of the seriousness of the situation and of the potential risk to attend mass events.

The head of the Second Session of the Bureau-State Coordination against the Coronavirus, in the Convention Center of the capital, the representative insisted on the suspension of public events of any kind, including the delivery of support from the federal government, in addition to the cancellation of all types of private parties.

“It’s imminent the arrival of the Phase 3, we are a few days of this and we have a short time span to react better… in Tlaxcala, we take measures to Phase 2 before the average of the country to take measures of Phase 1, we have a unique opportunity to prevent an increase in the number of hiv infections,” he said.

Accompanied by the secretary of Health, Rene Lima-Morales and the Government secretary, Jose Aaron Perez Carriage, the holder of the Executive emphasized that the president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, has been determined to take more seriously with this global problem.

He argued that the measures undertaken by his government before the Covid-19 have shown effectiveness and compared with those assumed in the rest of the country where the Phase 3 will be approximately 2 weeks, but in Tlaxcala will come to the end of April or possibly in the first week of may.

In summary –he said – while there will be a greater number of cases in Tlaxcala and Mexico, which seeks to avoid is that vulnerable people die and have a reaction effective for few people require hospitalization or intensive therapy.


In turn, the secretary of Health revealed that the severity of the situation it is potential and you run the risk that a person with Coronavirus to infect at least 100 more.

“It is impossible to avoid the contamination of Covid-19 in the entity, but may prevent the spread to be thousands of people, a situation that in any health system would be unwieldy,”

In the meantime, the secretary of Government recommended to the mayors to deny any kind of permissions for the holidays (closure of streets and public safety) and reprogram those legal acts (such as weddings), so that the citizens may not be able to make parties, to become events that bring together tens and even hundreds of people, together with to ensure that no one violates the determination of open dens.


For their part, some mayors complained because the delegation of the Secretariat of the Wellness, which leads in Tlaxcala Lorena Cuellar Cisneros, held mass gatherings to make payments of economic resources of older people.

The municipal presidents also raised his concern over the increase of prices in some commodities, at the time of planning strategies to help the business sector.

Also, agreed that the state government sent them by the office of the preventive measures and restrictions to show to the population.

In response, the governor Marco Antonio Mena is committed to support the municipal presidents to avoid massive events and put forward that will be released to the Secretariat for the well-being his concern for the concentrations of older adults related to their financial payments, and that it would request the Federal Attorney general’s Consumer intervention to monitor that there are no abuses in prices of commodities.

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With information from Karla Muñetón and Nadia Mendoza


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