“It’s important for young women to be involved”

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Can’t wait to hear when Sidney Sweeney comes out with his latest movie reality The smaller one will also hit the Italian screen, we report the opinion given by the actress to the podcast “Unwrapped” about the importance of women being more involved in all kinds of creative processes related to the film industry.

We’ve already seen the trailer of the reality show that the American actress will playnsa employee Which was accused of leaking and disseminating confidential information in 2017.

Meanwhile, the protagonist of White Lotus expresses confidence that it is needed more than ever women cast in artistic contexts And are able to tell stories that can serve as inspiration or help for future generations.
“Today we have more and more female writers writing incredible female stories. It is important that these women are also given greater creative responsibility”.,

In the same sense, he also explains the creation of his production company. fifty fifty moviesWith which it is buying the rights to literary works to develop screenplays: “I love that process. It is an incredible and beautiful creative process to be a part of. But there is also a business side to it, which I really enjoy learning and managing. So I’m building that side of my career to see where it leads and to find what excites me. It was great fun to have a more creative voice, because I think it’s important for young women to be able to be more involved.”,

While the reality has already started on Max in the US, we can already rest assured that we will see Sidney Sweeney again in Echo Valley.

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