“It’s Like a God”: ÁNgela Aguilar Considers It a Privilege to Work With Her Father, Pepe Aguilar

Angela Aguilar

In addition to her new album, the young interpreter is also preparing to launch a clothing line

The teachings of her grandmother Flor Silvestre will always be present in every musical project that Angela Aguilar launches.

Although the vernacular singer and actress died a few months ago, her granddaughter remembers her advice.

“My grandmother Flor has told me many important things to me, but I think it was not something of ‘come daughter, I’m going to tell you this it was more a thing that she taught me through her comments and actions, and the story that I was wearing it, it makes me a great honor and privilege to have a grandmother who has already lived everything that I am living, so she taught me that Mexican music has not just arrived, it is not becoming fashionable, she taught me that it is like the sea and these are waves that are reaching people, I really like the sea, so I am not going to stop swimming, “he said.

The young woman is presenting “En Realidad” a song written by Ana Bárbara, whom she considers her aunt; the video for this single has already exceeded 2 million views on YouTube.

Working with his father, Pepe Aguilar, is a privilege

The experience of working every day with her father, Pepe Aguilar, for her, is an incredible experience.

” I have loved everything, there is no better person to lead your career, we already have a much closer relationship because we spend so much time creating that it is a privilege, ” he added.

Ángela continues to work on what will be her new album, her dolls with Mexican clothes, and will soon launch a clothing line.

” My dad is like a God in the house, my mom too, we’ve been working together for so long that she knows what inspires me, what makes me happy and I think it leads me on the right path,” he said.


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