“It’s my biggest dream”: Karol G as the next Latin queen? This was his take on Shakira

COLOMBIA – Karol G is, by far, the Latin American artist of the moment. No more than during this 2021, the Colombian has managed to grab the attention of all the media easily. Well be it for his break with Anuel AA, or for the launch of his most important musical project to date, namely KG0516, the Caribbean celebrity has been known to cause a sensation in all media.

Recently, the new reason why the interpreter of “Bichota” attracted attention was because of the controversial photograph she has taken for Bilboard magazine. Showing off her beauty, the Colombian left part of what, for many, would be a taboo part of the body. This is how part of his chest came to light, causing a great impact on social networks and the information medium.

Yet another great aspect of the controversial photo shoot Karol G it has remained in vogue. And it is that, precisely, the cover had a title that moved some, but also infuriated others. This headline was that, against all odds, the famous magazine nominated the Colombian as the next Latin queen. A title that, until now, has been under the reputation of Shakira, also Colombian.

This caused the debate to begin to emerge again in the networks and the opinions have been irretrievably found. And it is not for less, then, while the ex of Anuel AA He has repeatedly said how much he admires Piqué’s wife, it seems that the interpreter of “Ciega zordo-muda has not even had the detail of seeing what his work has been and taking it into account for future projects.

Nevertheless, Karol G She was questioned again about it and said the following about Shakira: “Growing up in a third world country was difficult, but Shakira was always there to give us hope with her music. She is the greatest Latin artist and I hope one day to work with her. It’s my biggest dream, ”said the Paisa singer, making it clear that the Barranquilla is her idol and not her competition.


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