It’s My Fault – Review

Releasing on Prime Video on 8th June, “It’s my fault”, Probably one of the most anticipated movies of this summer. Based on the first book of the “Guilty” trilogy by Argentinian author Wattpad, Mercedes Ron, The preview had already grabbed the attention of the audience. The first book was published in Italy in June 2021 and now has a second publication with a cover dedicated to the film. The two sequels “Your Fault” and “Our Fault” are also unreleased.


Noah’s mother married William, a multi-millionaire, and therefore, she has to leave her familiar and welcoming home in Canada to move to the City of Angels, or LA. A life of luxury and “money sucks”. But most of all he will hate Nicholas, William’s son and half-brother who is 5 years older. The two instantly have a love-hate relationship and will either kill themselves or save themselves


Let’s start by saying that unfortunately, we know how difficult it is to adapt a book into a movie, especially since we’ll rarely be able to finish all 300 pages of a book. However, I have to admit that even though there are differences and missing scenes, the movie respects the book completely. It’s hard not to read the flashbacks of the pages when the protagonists say the same phrases that readers have come to love. I’m sad to see that some things weren’t elaborated on, but I also understand that the movie is already 2 hours long (hey for me it could have been 3 as well and I wouldn’t have seen it). But I can say that some scenes have also been improvised. First of all, the race between Noah and Ronnie, the way she uses the 5 minutes of time, was like a mark of character’s feminine power and how could I not appreciate that? Very few scenes of violence too, because there is a huge amount in the book, yeah, to be honest, I liked that too.

In particular, I think Dan’s arrival scenes were very well played, mixing in jokes from different contexts from the book and using a more ironic vein. Let’s talk about one of my favorite scenes, not in the book, but as a Fast & Furious fan, I can’t help but love the final scene. I’m talking about the one where Nick and Noah race cars and use their “password”. Despite the defect in the color of the eyes (Why don’t they ever wear contact lenses?) i have to say Gabriel Guevara and Nicole Wallace, were perfect in the lead roles. Their chemistry was exactly what we have come to expect from their characters. I was blown away and loved every minute of this movie. Also because for once, the protagonist has a strong and determined character, maybe even more so. It’s not really that obvious in a movie like this. Among other things, the sets are crazy, the bright colors and the architecture of the buildings impossible to miss. I dare you not to be jealous of Noah as he was shown around his new home.

it’s my fault 2

As mentioned, this will be the first in the series of films and the ending makes it clear as well. While in the books, the protagonists’ parents, Rafaella and William, accept their relationship with difficulty, it is hinted at the end of the film that they want to do something to separate them. The rights for another film from Prime Video are yet to be bought. However, earlier success may bring official news not only for “your fault”, but also for “our fault”. So I predict we’ll be hearing more about the love story of the two half-brothers.


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