“It’s not a movie made to please”

Six months after the release of Blonde on Netflixfor the protagonist Ana De Armas it’s time to take some pebbles off your shoe. The movie of Andrew Dominik has been heavily criticized, if not reviled, by those who believe the book adaptation about Marilyn Monroe is brutal and needlessly pornographic.

Blonde, we recall, is based on a book by Joyce Carol Oates who was more concerned with defining the icon Marilyn, the image that the mainly male public had of her. The result was a very violent film against the former diva, still today an icon of beauty and sensuality. An aspect perhaps not understood by a part of the public, the one who defined it as «most detestable movie ever seen».

Ana De Armas obviously doesn’t think so, who during an interview with The Hollywood Reporter he revealed some background on his performance and above all had his say on the heavy criticisms received, even after his Oscar nomination 2023 as Best Leading Actress. On the controversy, he said:

The reaction that has received the most attention is that in the United States, but it does not represent the entire public experience. It was difficult to hear certain criticisms, but you can always think about how you lived it, what you did and the reasons that led you to the project. This won’t change. There are the director and the other actors you can always talk to. As hard as it is to know that people didn’t like the movie, it is what it is. It’s not a movie made to please or please people. It’s hard to watch.

On the alleged insults to the memory and to the icon Marilyn Monroe, naturally her interpreter has a very different view compared to that of the most ferocious critics:

I don’t think the movie speaks ill of her. I think the opposite, that it speaks to the environment and the industry, and it’s a bitter pill to swallow sometimes for other people in the industry. I think the film makes the audience feel involved. At the time we have contributed, we continue to do so, in the exploitation of actors, of people under the public lens. We as an audience do. AND I think it’s possible that someone has felt the finger pointed at.

In recent days, with regard to VIPs and media attention, Ana De Armas has expressed highly critical positions towards the use of social media, which in her opinion would have compromised the status of cinema and entertainment celebrities in general, no longer so unapproachable.

What do you think about it? The star of Blonde is he right to defend the film? Tell us yours in the comments.

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