“It’s the best job I’ve ever done in my life”

Between the premiere of Wandering Heart and Maradona: blessed dream. Between what he defined as “the best job that ever came out of his life” and an “Argentine mega-production in the Indiana Jones style.” Between what Independent and the industry of entertainment. Between these two worlds the actor lives today Leonardo Sbaraglia, who commented proudly that he sent a message to Pedro Almodóvar to see his feature film and acknowledged, at the same time, that he experienced the premiere of the 10 series as “a party”.

“The team is studying and seeing the possibilities for the film to continue in some other room in a slightly more stable and calm way, perhaps in a separate tenor room, so that people can see it on the big screen, because I think that It’s a movie, “said the renowned actor about Wandering Heart, a feature film by Leonardo Brzezicki that he stars in, in dialogue with IP. “It seems to me that it is the job that came out the best in my whole life”, he acknowledged.

Sbaraglia compared his participation in the film with the one he had in Pain and glory, by Pedro Almodóvar, and with Wild talesby Damián Szifron. “What is proposed is something very, very complex and I think it is very difficult to achieve. And it is achieved to a large extent. People write me things that I had never received,” he said.

Leonardo also revealed that he sent a message to the prestigious Spanish director: “It seems to me that it is a film that Almodóvar may like a lot because it is very valuable cinematographically, it is very valuable in its content, of great power of realization.”

I feel that this movie has something special and that you have to take care of it. What happens is that we do not have an advertising device. This dual situation, that a platform like HBO is also the owner of the film, which in some way determines the distribution and advertising rules, means that we are a bit lucky to have a certain autonomy, “he said.

Between two worlds

“More and more movies are made by entertainment companies, I have nothing against that, I participate a lot in those films and with great honor, but Errante Corazón is a very author film, very authorial and unfortunately it is less and less the place given to an author who is behind a thing and not a company “Sbaraglia said.

About the film, the actor said that “it is a film made very freely, very independently.” He revealed that “the pandemic did not help the situation of this film” and that otherwise “it would have probably traveled all over the world and would have been echoed in different festivals.”

“This did not happen. And well, the film ended up being sold to the HBO platform and that somehow makes the film stay somewhere. terrain a bit ambiguous“he added.

Maradona: blessed dream

By IP Sbaraglia also spoke of the premiere of Maradona: blessed dream, production in which he embodies Guillermo Coppola: “Yesterday was a beautiful night. I did not see practically any chapter in which I participated. I saw chapter one and some other chapter, so I do not know how my participation is, but I am very happy“, said.

“The people who saw me tell me that it is very good and it was difficult, but hey, apart from all that, It seems to me that yesterday there was the joy of being able to participate in a mega entertainment event in Argentina made in Argentina by Argentine actors and actresses, by an Argentine director, “added the actor.

Sbaraglia also announced that Maradona’s series is likely to arouse a lot of comments, criticism, and praise: “The figure of Diego is a figure that will produce a lot of things. It seems to me that above all things it is a series of great quality “.

Finally, he acknowledged: “It seems Indiana Jones, of a super mega-production level, with another technical quality, a great quality of shots, a great acting quality. Yesterday was a party and it seems to me that obviously people can give their opinions whatever they want. But it seems to me that the most important thing for our industry is that something very, very big has been done in this country and that it is going to be exported all over the world. And this also has incredible value. “

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