It’s the business! Sommer Ray stops recording a video of it doing it!


Sommer Ray to leave no doubts about your formula for having a body of 10 points, has posted a video on where does your favorite exercises to accentuate their buttocks. With your back to the camera has decided to perform squat jumps, with weights and dead weight. This type of exercise is recommended by the model of physical fitness to enhance the curves and make them more eye-catching. It is the gift of the end of the year so that fans can be close, and begin in good physical shape cycles.

In addition to displaying the exercise, took the opportunity to make advertising to your line of sportswear. His vein of a businesswoman not to lose in no time.

If you are wondering why this election of the exercise of Sommer, the answer is not more complexity. The squat or cuclilla is one of the exercises more beneficial than currently exist. Among the advantages is that you can perform on any small space and without large equipment. Apart from the above, it serves to tone the muscles of the thigh and buttocks, not to mention that can help to reduce the risk of injury in ligaments, tendons, and bones.

Sommer Ray sustains its growth

Ray is minimizing the criticism that the were as a model of the time, but that would miss the little time. His image has taken on a dimension huge, and reached 23 million followers on Instagram, which coincide with his 23 years of age. It seems to be the magic number of a public persona that is unlike the rest.

Sommer Ray he reached his hot body and a great level of popularity without the help of cosmetic surgeries. For that reason has a special place in the hearts of his followers. Aims to assess the body with its naturalness and to reinforce it with the tools offered by the exercise. We look forward to more training videos to learn and brighten the view.