“It’s the insufferable miss”: revelations about Laury Thilleman!


Laury Thilleman is one of the beauty queens who have made a success of their “after Miss France” and who is a hit thanks to her positive vibes. But, according to the information from Here, she would actually be very annoying for her sisters …

Laury Thilleman is a positive young woman and everything works for her: married to chef Juan Arbelaez, the beautiful 29-year-old Breton is a hit on social networks, in bookstores with her book 365 jours au top, and even on television where she hosts entertainment. like Come on, I’ll take you… or  Surprise on taking. A career that has the wind in its sails! And which seems to arouse some jealousy on the side of other Miss France. According to the information from Here, some of them would have a hard time taking it. In question? Her permanent good humor, which would put the Miss on the nerves.

“For them, it is the unbearable miss, the girl for whom everything is always going well, even if it is not true, and who looks down on you”, revealed to them a source this Friday, November 27th. The atmosphere, therefore, seems quite tense between the former Miss a few days before the centenary Miss France. A ceremony in which Miss France 2013 will certainly not participate this year … but not because of the tensions!

“I will certainly be in Colombia because, with this situation, it has been a long time since Juan has seen his family. I made a more family choice than a professional one, but I would have loved to pay homage in person, ” a- she explained to our colleagues from Telé-Loisirs. It must be said that Laury Thilleman and Juan Arbelaez have found each other … and they do not intend to leave each other.  “We are performers. Our family pattern is similar, which is quite amazing because we were born 10,000 km apart. We are both the eldest of three siblings and we had to set an example. We are therefore always looking to be good at what we do, “she told Le Figaro.