It’s too hot. Instagram has deleted candid photos of TikTok star Noah Beck

19-year-old TikTok star Noah Beck poses nude in provocative photoshoot (Photo: Instagram)

TikTok star 19-year-old Noah Beck took part in the filming of a provocative photoshoot by British photographer Damon Baker.

In the new pictures, Beck appeared in Calvin Klein lingerie and posed in provocative poses.

The shots were posted on the TikTok star’s Instagram page, as well as the photographer’s account, but were later removed from the popular photography app, which found the shots too explicit.


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Beck commented on the deleted snapshots, referring to Instagram:

“Come on, Instagram… stop deleting my posts. Kind of, yeah, I was nude in the photo, but like … not really, lol. I have not broken any rules, ”he said.

Photo: Instagram

He was joined by the author of the images Damon Baker, who in his Instagram stories called for ” freeing art”:

“Dear Instagram. What exactly is offensive about a male body and a self-confident man? Stop censoring art. Our main responsibility as a new generation is to make the ART SURVIVE. We cannot be silenced. History has done too much to us. What are we becoming without art, without self-expression ?! Free art! ”He wrote.