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“It’s very easy, like Shakira”

The names of some towns in our country have been causing confusion around their pronunciation for decades. Even more so if the person who is trying to pronounce the name correctly is a foreigner, unless someone local tells them how to do it, they will most likely fail in their attempt.

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The pronunciation of towns like Sanxenxo, Galicia, generates debate every summer due to the arrival of thousands of Madrilenians to the coastal town to spend their vacations. Although many are there summer after summer, the truth is that most continue to mispronounce their name.

The Galician presenter Rafa Durán has explained in a comic video how to pronounce Sanxenxo well

The Galician presenter Rafa Durán has explained in a comic video how to pronounce Sanxenxo well

Rafa Duran Tv / TikTok

Now, the Galician presenter and comedian Rafa Durán has shown in a video tutorial the correct way to pronounce Sanxenxo, moving away and making fun of those who pronounce it “Sanjenjo”: “not Sanjenjo, Sanjejo is bad”, clarifies the presenter, ensuring that this pronunciation form is entirely wrong.

Durán thus explained, in English, the correct way to pronounce the well-known Pontevedra municipality: “It’s very easy! Repeat with me … San xen xo”, and added: “It’s very easy, like Shakira”, explained the presenter, finding the phoneme key to explain how to pronounce Sanxenxo well.


Repeat with me, it’s very easy! ## SANXENXO ## Duranadas ## Galicia

♬ original sound – Rafa Durán

The truth is that the Galician presenter’s social networks are full of humorous videos, especially on his TikTok account where he does everything from very funny interpretations to ironic short videos.

The video has quickly become viral through different social networks, reaching almost 38,000 views on TikTok, and has entertained hundreds of Galicians who have identified with the video.


The mystery of the remote control. Resolved. ## Duranadas ## humor ## Gloriaserra ## investigation team

♬ original sound – Rafa Durán

After Durán’s turtorial video on the correct pronunciation of Sanxenxo, probably no one will mispronounce the name of the well-known municipality of Pontevedra. Now, when someone is in doubt, they will only have to remember the singer of the Hips don’t lie.

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