Izabel Goulart is a routine, even in the travels: “the Shin-guards that are always with me”, the Who


Izabel Goulart (Foto: Thiago Duran e Francisco Cepeda/AgNews)

Izabel Goulart (Foto: Thiago Duran, Francisco Cepeda/AgNews)

Izabel Goulart, is inclined the 34-year-old, and a lot of compliments, a physicist, and not hide the fact he was happy to take care of. In a conversation with THE people the top account for you the Training on a daily basis. Even with all the work, the trips you take, their schedule, the model stops at the table of the page, and claimed, in the gyms of the hotels where you stay.

“The sports activities daily, it is a world of difference. First of all, for your health. And, by the care of the health of the body reacts. I am a rubber band who is always with me, and the caneleira as well. For me, it is an obstacle for the training do not need to, because I love it. It is my passion, and I feel very good now. In the hotel, the first thing I check after the Check-in is to the gym, to see what you have, and the training that it is possible, done. You already have many cases of non-with the perfect amount of time in the gym. Then I Wake up and do my workout in the room with him.”


Izabel Goulart e Kevin Trapp (Foto: BACKGRID)

Izabel Goulart) and Kevin Trapp (image: BACKGRID)

Engagement ring and wedding
Izabel Goulart is the wife of the goalkeeper of the German Kevin Trappwho plays for French side Paris Saint-Germain. During a romantic trip to Italy in July, the model was sought in marriage by him.

Above told him that their relationship is a good partnership. “It gives me the support to be wonderful. We are very close, very close, and we support the career of the other. All of this happens in an organic way. We are very companheirod,” he said.

Registered on the date to go up to the altar, and she has not wavered. “I have not stopped working since I got engaged and it also. So, on my vacation at the end of the year, we sit down to. The wedding is for the year that is to come.”

Izabel Goulart (Foto: AKM-GSI)

Izabel Goulart (photo: AKM-GSI)

Izabel Goulart (Foto: AgNews)

Izabel Goulart (Foto: AgNews)

Izabel Goulart (Foto: Reprodução/Instagram)

Izabel Goulart (Photo: Playback/Instagram)

Izabel Goulart (Foto: Reprodução/ Instagram)

Izabel Goulart (Photo: Playback/ Instagram)

Izabel Goulart (Foto: Leo Franco/AgNews)

Izabel Goulart (Photo: Leo Franco/AgNews)

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