Izabel Goulart shows that you have already taken, a “play” and the attack of the jealousy – Only messages


Izabel Goulart showed us that even an angel of Victoria’s Secret has ever had the experience, said love. In a conversation with a friend Mateus Mazzafera, the has taken on your YouTube channel, on the top of the international, led to “the stump”, and he took confessed to the attack for you.

“In public, ever, but I had a fit of jealousy. But it will never come down from the jump:” you think about that sexual fantasies during sex are omitted. “I’ve never been on a piece of clothing, or anything else. For me it is not,” he said.

When asked if she had a plastic model of him. “I’ve never done anything this invasive. Nothing is the same. I am not against you. I’ve done to take a laser, the stain on her face, as I went to the beach, and because of my work, I can’t stay with your skin blotchy. But if I did, I did it two or three times, it has been too long,” he said.

Elizabeth caught our attention when traveling to Mykonos, Greece, with her fiance, the German goalkeeper Kevin Trapp. The players enjoy the day of rest, since the elimination of Germany’s games at the world Cup in Russia, when they lost in the group stage to South Korea with 2: 0, at 27. Day of the month of June.

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