Izquierdoz fell into the trap and elbowed Velasco

About the end, the classic between Independent and Mouth In Avellaneda it got spicy and Xeneize ended with one less player … With ten minutes to go before the end of the game and with both teams with a thousand heartbeats, Carlos Izquierdoz He elbowed Alan Velasco and was sent off by referee Pablo Echavarría. Cali fell into the trap of the Red jewel.

Echavarría expelled Izquierdoz (Photo: Marcelo Carroll).

Echavarría expelled Izquierdoz (Photo: Marcelo Carroll).

The action was near the center circle. The referee had called a foul in favor of Sebastián Battaglia’s team but the ball was left to Velasco. With Boca losing, Izquierdoz ran to where the Red player was, who instead of giving him the ball, kicked it. The center-back did not take well that Independiente midfielder provoked him and threw the ball away, just when he had crouched down to look for it and replace the game as quickly as possible.

Cali came off the chain and instead of going to get the ball, he got up and elbowed Velasco in the stomach, which was left lying on the playing field. The jewel of the Falcioni people rolled on the floor, with a strong pain in the area of ​​the blow.

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Although he was expelled, The first card that Izquierdoz saw was the yellow one.. Yes, Echavarría first admonished him and the Independiente players went up in smoke. After a few seconds of confusion, the referee changed the color of the card and drew the corresponding red one for the xeneize defender.

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