J. Balvin confused about Michael Jordan safety

J.Barvin He is one of the most recognized singers and artists in the world.With over a decade of experience, his contribution to urban music and the genre is undeniable, and he has been the subject of several hit songs, such as That’s not fair, Ay Vamos or Ginza.

However, it seems not everyone is familiar with his music, achievements, or face, as one person keeps him away from basketball star Michael Jordan.

It turns out that a Colombian singer attended an event Nazca He serves as one of the sponsors.There he reunites with his friend, the famous former basketball player Michael Jordan, he gave him a big hug, The moment was recorded and circulated by Balvin himself on his social networks.

It is an honor to have people by my side who I have always admired. Today, we are a team, we are friends, we are ambassadors for Medellin Sunset, racing in NASCAR with my own car! Never stop dreaming and working hard to achieve your goals. Thank you Jordan,” the singer wrote.

Michael Jordan’s security ignored J. Balvin

But not everything was as normal as shown in the photo, because in another video posted on the social network, the exact moment when the two pop culture stars met was revealed.

Reggae player approaches former athlete, However, Michaels’ security doesn’t trust Balvin, making some gestures to get him out of the way. The sports star saw this and asked his staff to sit in his seat so he could hug his musician friend.

This didn’t go unnoticed by millions of internet users, who started commenting on it.

“Apparently, security knew nothing about their million-dollar contract with Nike.”“,”ITo be honest, if I saw Balvin approaching me, I would be upset too. The superficial difference between him and the average Brayan is very small”,”“There are people out of work.”

It’s worth mentioning that J Balvin has teamed up with Nike and Michael Jordan to release his own tennis shoe, the same model the former sports star is wearing in the video.

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