J Balvin had an uncomfortable moment with Michael Jordan

J Balvin is reviving his career After months of silence. He first released a new song called “Dientes,” collaborated with Maluma on his new album, he’s about to release new sneakers, and now he’s making his NASCAR debut.

But he didn’t do it alone, he did it with basketball legends Michael Jordan is also a partner in a million-dollar tennis contract with Nike.

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It was during their NASCAR debut that they met and when they saw each other they passionately sought a hug, although a guard almost stopped the move.

Video of bodyguard keeping J Balvin away from Michael Jordan

One of Michael Jordan’s bodyguards didn’t know J. Balvin, so he asked him not to approach the former basketball player.

same Michael Jordan had to beg him to come closer So that they could hug each other, their excitement at meeting was captured on video.

If they are both ambassadors for the team, how could they not greet each other? 23XI NASCAR Just this weekend, they debuted their car at a race at Bristol Motor Speedway in Bristol, Tennessee.

cars and pilot uniforms, Tyler Reddickthey feature J Balvin and Michael Jordan logos.

Apart from, They painted the sunset in Medellinwhich is exactly the theme of the Jordan 3 that the singer teamed up with the former basketball player to release.

I mean, the guard probably got scolded, because The pair are great friends and partners that touch millions of people.

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