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J Balvin, Justin Bieber and Zayn Malik are fed up with the fame of their characters

No more reggaeton? José Álvaro Osorio Balvín, better known by his stage name, J Balvin, He surprised his followers by confessing that he is tired of being called by his stage name, with which he has become very famous. Now, you want to be called by your first name and be “Treated as a person.”

“I no longer want to be called J Balvin, I am a human being like any other. Who is more important, the artist or the person? The person, period ”, said the Colombian artist during the program “In Curve”, which is distributed by the MBL as part of its activities to promote Major League Baseball and its players. José Álvaro, 36 years old, recorded the episode with the athlete Francisco Lindor.

“Let them call me by my name. It makes me sad to arrive at a place and (let them tell me) Nice to meet you, J Balvin. You don’t have to know me. Treat me for the person I am, not for what I represented, “he added in the aforementioned podcast.

Lately it has caused a lot of controversy. Photo: Special.

J Balvin is not the only one tired of fame

In 2014 it was thought that Justin Bieber he would leave music, as he looked very fed up with the spotlight after the success of his album ‘Purpose’; He even starred in a fight after a basketball game because they don’t stop taking pictures of him.

He has always been involved in controversy. Photo: Special.

He still wants to perform for his fans and create (new music), but this tour is being too much for him. He has already stopped organizing fan meetings and taking pictures with them, but he is still overwhelmed by the circumstances. You’ve been saying you want to get away from it all and relax by traveling the world. His idea is to travel the planet and visit the best cities and the most exotic places, “said a source to Daily star back then.

In 2014, the then singer of One Direction Zayn Malik generated great concern among his fans by not attending various events, in addition to being tired and haggard in some of his public appearances, “Zayn is stressed and tired that his life is always in the spotlight. He can’t sleep well and seems Exhausted. They are about to embark on another world tour and Perrie is worried because she does not know if he will be able to deal with it. He has asked the other boys not to take their eyes off him. They are worried about him too and have made it known that they are there in case you need to talk to someone and vent, “revealed an anonymous source regarding that” problem. “

He knew how to overcome the situation. Photo: Special.


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