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At a car event this Saturday, Famous Colombian singer J Balvin officially announced his entry into Nascar.

Not only will the artist be involved as the owner of his own vehicle, but he also revealed it, much to the excitement of those in attendance The driver behind the wheel of his car will be Tyler Reddick.

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J Balvin shared a post on his Instagram account in which he appeared alongside NBA legend Michael Jordan. Announced at the event, JOdan, Balvin and Reddick will be part of the 23XI Racing Nascar team.

colombian Announced he will become a NASCAR ambassador with his own race car and custom suitand the driver behind the wheel will be Tyler Reddick, an experienced American racing driver who has competed in the NASCAR Cup Series since 2020.

“I am honored to have people by my side that I have always admired and to see today that we are a team, we are friends, we are ambassadors for Medellin Sunset, in my own car, NASCAR! Never stop dreaming And work hard to get there. Thank you Jordan, thank you Taylor,” J Balvin wrote on his Instagram social network.

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J. Balvin and Michael Jordan reunited

colombian artist experienced a touching reunion Not only did he drive his own car as a sponsor at a recent NASCAR event, he also had the opportunity to meet world-class basketball legend Michael Jordan and share many wonderful moments with him.

It is important to emphasize this The former basketball player has also been involved in motorsport since 2020., even entering his own car into the race. Therefore, the meeting with J Balvin took place in an environment where both men are true fans of motorsport.

(Fun fact: J. Balvin had Michael Jordan dance at a private concert for his birthday).

Puerto Rican Yandel shared through his social networks the meeting between Medellin singer J Balvin and basketball legend Michael Jordan.

Yandel expressed his admiration for both celebrities, commenting: “I saw this and I really liked it! I’m a fan of people who earn respect!”

But beyond the touching embrace between Balvin and Jordan in the video shared by the reggaeton singer, what caught users’ attention was the moment one of the basketball player’s bodyguards tried to push the Colombian singer away, Apparently because he didn’t know him.

However, faced with the actions of the bodyguard, Michael Jordan takes immediate action when he touches defender And convey your desire to be closer to J Balvin. Both men have collaborated with Nike on their own sneaker lines as artists in the past.

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