J Balvin’s comment to Valentina Ferrer for which they point him out as “macho” and “toxic”

In the image, the Argentine model, Valentina Ferrer and the Colombian singer, J Balvin.  Photo: Instagram Valentina Ferrer
In the image, the Argentine model, Valentina Ferrer and the Colombian singer, J Balvin. Photo: Instagram Valentina Ferrer

The Medellin reggaeton player J Balvin caused controversy again, But this time not because of his hints with his colleagues or because of his silence about the situation in his country, But for a comment that he left his partner, the model Valentina Ferrer, in a publication that she made on her official Instagram account where she has more than 870 thousand followers.

In the photograph of Valentina, who is also the mother of Rio, the first-born of the singer of ‘My people’, He is seen in his underwear wearing a two-piece swimsuit, green and in front of a mirror where his slender figure stands out.

Although the publication was widely commented on by her fans who left hundreds of messages flattering her obvious beauty.It seems that J Balvin did not like photography at all in which the model also showed her attributes.

In a brief message, but hours later it became controversial, the artist told his partner What if I didn’t have a photo with more clothes; It is presumed that he did not like the compliments that netizens gave the woman who stole his heart.

“Any pictures with clothes, by any chance?” Balvin wrote in the image of his son’s mother; publication that, in fact, already has more than 75 thousand likes and that within all that number of people there is not the father of his first-born.

J Balvin - Valentina Ferrer / Instagram
J Balvin – Valentina Ferrer / Instagram

Although it is true that the bikini is tiny, Valentina does not show more than the account, a fact that did not go unnoticed by Instagram users who quickly undertook it against the interpreter of the urban genre and did not take it down. “Toxic”, “macho” and hundreds of other comments.

After all the controversy raised, the author of ‘Ay Vamos’ and ‘In da Getto’ had to delete the comment. However, the barrage of criticism did not stop and there were those who reminded the Antioqueño of the controversy he faced for his song ‘Perra’ and they left strong messages like:

“Sing I’m a dog in heat that is looking for a bitch and asks the girlfriend for clothes, don’t suck me”; “Any song where you respect women, by any chance?”; “And some issue that does not violate women,” noted the Internet users.

On the contrary, they continued to highlight Valentina for her stunning figure and told her not to allow herself to be attacked by the “misogynistic” and “macho” comments from her son’s father. J Balvin did not let these criticisms go unnoticed and returned to comment on the publication of his girlfriend where he not only highlighted her evident beauty, but also apologized: “How beautiful my girl, the queen of Córdoba, the mother of my son, dreamy, casual, funny, beautiful, and well, I’m done with it”, the artist finished.

This is the post:

J Balvin - Valentina Ferrer / Instagram
J Balvin – Valentina Ferrer / Instagram

It should be remembered that after several months since the birth of Rio and before the anxiety of the fans of the Colombian-Argentine couple, the model assured the reasons why they do not show the child on social networks: everything is due to the fact that she comes from a family that is not very fond of social networks, a bit of a hippie and a lover of water sports.

“I want him to decide what he wants for his life. If Rio wants to be the same [a mi familia], you have to respect it. If he wants to be known, we will be the first to support him with his dad, but if he doesn’t want to, why should we? The day he wants to show himself, I go and cover the city with his photos, “the model replied to the Argentine media.


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