J. Cole: “Meditation and Limiting Social Media Improved My Mental Health”

J. Cole: “Meditation and Limiting Social Media Improved My Mental Health”

Award winning rapper J. Colerecently revealed that he used some of the behaviors to improve his mental health.

While talking to Kevin Hart on his show Hart To Heart about Peacock, the rapper Jay Cole she shared how meditation and limiting social media use improved her mental health.

J. Cole: social constraint rules, creative choice and mindfulness

“I set some rules for myself. One of them was, “Dude, you can’t access social media anymore.” said the rapper “I set some ground rules for myself, like, ‘Hey, don’t go on Twitter. Do not read responses to your posts. This is rule number one. Second, when you create, you must create from an authentic location. This is the rule I set for myself. Everything should only come from what you really feel in your heart.”

Mindfulness for managing anxiety

Mindfulness, or “mindfulness,” is an increasingly popular meditation technique in the United States, as well as in Italy, and is used to reduce stress and anxiety. It focuses on living in the present moment and the impartial observation of thoughts and emotions. The practice is based on meditation and can be done while sitting, walking or doing yoga.

It works by changing the relationship with thoughts and emotions, promoting greater awareness and acceptance. Benefits include improved focus and concentration, as well as reduced mental noise.

Jay Cole praises the women of rap

The Dreamville artist also talked about the young female rappers in the same interview who are responsible for some of the best and most exciting moments in hip hop today. “I think they are amazing”J. Cole said “This is a completely different generation, a new generation of young superstars and styles. I’ve been thinking about him for a year or two now and although he seems to be trying to please, I truly believe there are so many great female rappers out there. Conclusion: “Of course, there was once Lil Kim and Foxy Brown, but it seemed that there could not be more than one successful female rapper at the same time. However, now we have moments one after another. It’s really cool.”

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