“J Dance” is my hymn to freedom”


“J Dance” New single from multi-faceted artist Orawhich tells a love story that is now over and follows the previous songs “Sono in Vacenza” and “Un Basi Blue”.

the song is about how a broken heart is stronger than you think And the security that can be regained in itself even if the relationship ends due to disappointment. And how, even in the face of love being at an end, one can choose to go ahead and dance. Also “J Danse” is emblazoned with a escape in frenchReminds me of Ora’s cosmopolitan life living between Rome and Paris for years.

Ora "I'm fine" cover

Hi Ora! When and how was “J Dance” born?
I started thinking about this song in February, I wanted to make a song that could tell a sure way out of an oppressive situation. It could be a relationship, a difficult family situation, or it could even be the last few years we’ve gone through a pandemic. All I wanted to say was that now is the time to live only with freedom, without worry and suffering.

But are you still heart broken and disappointed? or are you in love again?
Luckily my heart is safe, but I used the love story as a metaphor to express the restlessness that I could not get out of and then later the pandemic which was another hindrance. Enough of suffering, it’s time to move on, to do what you really want.

Why did you decide to include a part sung in French in this composition?
For various reasons, meanwhile, French is my second language, I have lived a lot in Paris since the age of seventeen and, until now, have had close contact with France. And then since it sounds pretty to say “I don’t care” in French, I loved it. I don’t know if everyone will understand it or not, but it’s pretty clear in the video clip of my antics!

“I’m on Vacation”, “A Blue Kiss” and now “J Dance”. Are you thinking of an album maybe?
Yes I’m thinking about it, I have other songs with similar electronic dance sounds in my mind. I’ll work on it after the summer! I would like to perform my songs live, I hope to be successful next summer, my dream is to have a real singing and dancing performance with lots of entertainment.

You are also an actress. Who are your idols in cinema and music?
I have both models from other eras and very current ones. Iconic figures like, above all, Bob Dylan and David Bowie. For their change, personality, imperfect way of expressing themselves and their approach to their art for what they wanted to say. There was a lot of freedom, now I feel like we have to increase followers or views to be considered artistic, not the other way around. Then there’s Madonna and Jennifer Lopez, my other idols: actresses, singers, dancers, entrepreneurs. Invincible, always step by step. I met Mariah Carey, whose songs stuck with me as a teenager. There are so many that I love as an actor; So, I’ll just tell you my favorite movie which is: Ridley Scott’s “Blade Runner” from 1982.


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