J Lo, Eva Longoria and others: stars invest in drinks. video

Whether they are alcoholic or non-alcoholic, sparkling or non-carbonated, in cans or bottles, it doesn’t matter: stars they have always loved to be photographed and hydrated with excellent, original and colorful beverages. The novelty is that now they have turned it into a business: many celebrities have founded or invested in a brand associated with the world of cinema. drink and then they became his testimony by promoting him on social media.

Blake Lively went vegan

There is, for example, Blake Lively, who personally creates funny and always original commercials for Betty Buzz, a range of 100% natural vegan-flavored tonic water, perfect for smoothies or as a refreshing drink in a can. Flavors include lime, lemon and grapefruit. An absolute novelty is the alcoholic version, which is called Betty Booz.

Tequila for Eva Longoria and Kendall Jenner

It is added to Eva Longoria’s tequila to pay homage to Mexican heritage. “He is called Casa Del Sol and it’s perfect for making peach smoothies, as she shows us on Instagram. Let’s talk about tequila for Kendall Jenner. It’s called 818, and it’s advertised as a supermodel with the help of Chris’ mom. Who knows what he thinks bad rabbither boyfriend is from Puerto Rico.

Italian inspiration Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez prefers an aperitif to strong drinks. Specifically, ready-to-drink bottled spritzers. His Delola inspiredItaly, which the pop star and actress is very fond of and should be consumed with lots of fruit and ice. “They are very tasty and unique,” ​​promises the pop star herself and the actress, who especially loves orange with bitters and passion fruit.

Cameron Diaz’s New Adventure

Finally, Cameron Diaz also entered the beverage market with Avaline, a sugar-free organic wine that pairs very well with salads (perhaps my colleague Gwyneth Paltrow and Goop Kitchen’s salads she recently collaborated with). His favorite? canned rosécarry with you in your purse for drinking on the go.


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