Jade Hallyday in the middle of a teenage crisis: Laeticia Hallyday tries an approach with a few words on Instagram


Very active on social networks, Laeticia Hallyday has just used it to try an approach with her daughter Jade Hallyday. Mother and daughter have been cold for a few weeks now …

Jade Hallyday currently seems to be going through a small teenage crisis … and is currently giving her mother Laeticia a hard time. Last December, our colleagues here in Paris revealed since the arrival of Jalil Lespert in her mother’s life, Jade would experience the situation very badly. After losing her dad in December 2017, the eldest had already agreed to bring another man into her life, so that her mother could smile again. This is how Pascal Balland stayed with Laeticia Hallyday for just a year. Following their breakup, the teenager had a hard time seeing her mother find the way expressly. Faced with a Jade in full revolt, Laeticia would, for the first time, be completely overwhelmed by events “.

Barely after Christmas Eve, Jade fled the home of Marnes-la-Coquette for a stay in Marrakech with her friends. On her return to France, she was seen again in Paris with her friends and seemed to avoid her famous mother, whose presence on social networks she finds most annoying: “She finds it annoying that her mother spends her days taking each other pictured on the beach in Saint Barth, which she spends her life communicating, because Laeticia exposes her life a lot, to remain the star that she may be, to stay close to the fans, I don’t know “explained Bernard Montiel not long ago.

Laeticia Hallyday reaches out to her daughter
This Sunday, January 17, 2021, Jade Hallyday posted on Instagram, a series of unpublished photos, taken during her stay in Morocco. Immediately, Laeticia Hallyday jumped at the opportunity to try an approach with her elder. “I am so proud and lucky to be your mom.” wrote the pretty blonde 45 years old.


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