Jadwal MotoGP Until 2020: A Lot Of Changes Because Of The Corona Virus


Liputan6.com Turin Corona Virus is already having an impact on the MotoGP-2020. In fact, the first series in this season, which took place at the Losail Circuit in Qatar yesterday, was cancelled.

The second series of the MotoGP until 2020 is also affected by Corona virus. The government of Thailand asked the MotoGP until 2020 in the country was postponed until the outbreak of the Corona virus is subsided.

So, the MotoGP-2020 starts on 5. April in Austin, Texas, United States. MotoGP Austin is actually the third series in the summer of 2020.

Dorna then forced to change the schedule for the entire MotoGP-2020. The series of Thailand will take place on 4. October. On the date of the alleged MotoGP in Aragon.

In fact, Valentino Rossi is currently threatened in Italy, not from the country. Corona Virus itself is already up on the Italy, the achieved 5.883 cases, according to WHO.

Residence Rossi this time, Urbino, is one of the areas that are affected COVID-19. Rossi was put under quarantine, and possibly damage to the plan is the face of MotoGP in the United States next month.