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Jake Bongiovi and Millie Bobby Brown are getting closer to the wedding. After an offer made in April, The couple decided to officially celebrate their wedding with a themed party.. A party attended by friends and relatives could only be decorated with lots of white balloons and huge inscriptions: “Mr. and Mrs. Bongiovi.” The date of the wedding ceremony has not yet been set, but judging by recent events, preparations are in full swing..

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Probably, the couple will not bother much with the details in order to make the event as intimate as possible, away from prying eyes. While the two never miss an opportunity to confess their love on social media, they keep their story hidden from the paparazzi and tabloid noise. choosing them, how to tell yourself and what aspects to reveal. Marriage will thus be presented and told after all has been done, showing what the spouses think is most appropriate.

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They have been dating for almost a year, and the decision to get married has caused a lot of negative comments, given the age of both (she is 19 and he is 21). The father of the future groom, rock star Jon Bon Jovi, intervened in their defense, who explained that in love, years do not count and that Millie Bobby is an exceptional person, the right partner to grow and mature with. If the blessing came from the parents of the bride and groom, then it remains for us to do the same, wishing them a long and happy marriage.

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