Jake Paul and Nate Diaz’s boxing show sparks talk: tanks, fan fights and MMA’s promise of revenge

Jake Paul defeats Nate Diaz by decision

Jake Paul and Nate Diaz They put on a great show American Airlines Center From Dallas (USA).he youtubers sumo wrestling new victory in his history Defeated the former UFC fighter by unanimous decision after 10 rounds.

he Problem boyAs it has come to be known since its birth in contact sports, it had fans shaken from the preview, not only by the tense confrontation in which they began the fight, but also by the He entered the enclosure in a chariot.

In the image you can see Paul is sitting on the roof of the car as he walked to the ring.Notably, he and his brother Logan Paul are both youtube With the quirks of the genre, this is no exception.

Once on stage, Jake Paul’s offensive resolve is even stronger. In the first round, the influential man landed several punches that left visible marks on Diaz’s face as he tried to fend off his opponent’s attacks. The breakthrough will come in the fifth roundwhen the former UFC finally went down thanks to Paul’s outstanding uppercuts and counters.

Fans fight with each other after the game

Although from there The former MMA fighter tries to balance the fight, he is powerless to defeat his opponent. After the bell rang, the judges unanimously awarded Paul the victory (97-92, 98-91, 98-91). As victory comes, Problem boy reached the seventh and He recovered from his last loss to Tommy Fury Saudi Arabia won by split decision for the only time in their history (7-1). Diaz, meanwhile, suffered his first fall in his boxing debut (0-1).

“He’s a tough guy and everything they say about him is true. There was definitely a round where he won. None of my competitors have ever been punished like that. I’ve fought UFC legends. For $10 million I could have a rematch with him in MMA. “the YouTuber warned after the fight.

“He’s a great kid and I’ve had better days. Everything is normal. He’s got this one. I’ll hit anyone. If you want to compete in MMA, we’ll make it happen. I congratulate you on the job you do outside of the game and inside the game,” responded Nate Diaz, one of the leaders of the world’s largest mixed martial arts company (UFC).

Their fight and what happened after it went viral on social networks.exist Twitteryou can watch a video to understand the situation at that time Crazy confrontation between fans in the hallway and shared spaces within the venue. In the images, several people start beating others after seeing a fight between the two.

in his history, Paul fights three other former MMA fighters In all his battles he was victorious. Against Ben Askren in 2021, he won by knockout, and against Tyron Woodley, he won by split decision after the eighth round. He also met “Spider” Anderson Silva on the way and defeated the latter by unanimous decision in October 2022.

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