Jakob Ingebrigtsen looked so superior that he thought it was more than enough to win the championship, “92% physical strength is enough, with the flu, 88% can only survive in the 1500 world Silver Medal in the Championship”

Jakob Ingebritsen is a fantastic athlete with awe-inspiring strides and at times he seems to be flying, but all the qualities this Norwegian phenom possesses don’t come with a humble attitude, That is, he is able to praise the opponent when he outdoes him in a good fight.

The Norwegian athlete is outstanding as an athlete and as a person. Never acknowledging the superiority of his opponents, he has finished second against favorites at the last two world championships, belittled athletes who surpassed him and believed an inferior athlete had surpassed him. Briton Jake Wightman knocked him out in 2021 and another Brit, Josh Kerr, taught him a lesson in 2023.

Ingebritsen failed to congratulate her opponents in both cases, both of which she ignored and, a few days earlier, had defended herself for her defeat after finishing second in the 1500m World Cup final. Excuse me because she woke up sore and uncomfortable. She already had a sore throat in Sunday’s semifinal and it has gotten worse over the past two days.

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Despite the loss, Jacob Ingleblison still feels vastly superior to any opponent, even using the percentages he needs to beat any rival to challenge him: “I feel above 88 percent. If I were 92%, I might win but not me today, 88% just give me money.”

“I’m disappointed because it didn’t reach 100%”

The Norwegian believes there is nothing wrong with his tactics. In fact, he described his strategy as “perfect. The problem is that after the first 500-600m the legs weren’t as smooth as I’d like them to be”.

“I’m disappointed, I didn’t feel 100 percent when it mattered most, I couldn’t do what I’ve been doing all season. I’ve been in training camp for three or four months, very little social life and football. Contact with the rest of the team. Worldwide, but my throat was a little dry during warmups and semis. It got worse the last couple of days, and when I woke up, it was better. Good morning,” Jacob explain.

Josh Kerr smoked Jakob Ingeblisen and even satirized the Norwegian athlete’s arrogance: ‘It’s very difficult to be the favorite and Jakob has a million pieces Things to do, he’s got to try for the world record and do a lot of tests. For me, that’s the beginning and the end of it all. I know I made it in the last 50 meters. I’m not worried about what happened at the start of the race. I Just make sure I get there with 200m left, in the last 30m I think I want to give it my all to win, I don’t care how much pain it is.

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