Jalisco farm search for incidents linked to disappearance of young man in Lagos de Moreno; governor announces 5 days later

The Jalisco State Attorney’s Office reported that Wednesday A farm apparently linked to the disappearance of the missing young man of Lagos de Moreno has been found and secured near Orilla del Agua.

During the search, evidence including blood and shoes was found, “indicating that the five young men were on the farm”.

in a releaseThe Prosecutor’s Office assured that the above-mentioned information has been added to the investigation file and, moreover, that the victims’ relatives have been informed of all developments.

Young man missing from Lagos de Moreno farm
Jalisco State Attorney’s Office

Enrique Alfaro announced 5 days later

Jalisco Governor Enrique Alfaro, Federal Government and Attorney General’s Office (FGR) are asked to move forward with the investigation into the disappearance of five youths in Lagos de Morenosince he mentions that it is true “Obviously linked to organized crime.”

in a Post a message on their official account Five days after the missing report, the president Believe it’s a federal competition investigation But as an entity “they will continue to do what they have to do”.

I hope FGR and the federal government will do the same in the face of events that deeply hurt Jalisco. In light of the events in our state in recent weeks, our active coordination with the federal security agenda must intensify and deepen. We are facing an irrational, violent and direct attack on the stability of Jalisco that requires a response from the State of Mexico,” the governor wrote.

Enrique Alfaro also reported that the local prosecutor’s office was in touch with the young man’s family and asked the public not to create rumors or misinformation.

Enrique Alfaro Lagos de Moreno

Five young people missing in Lagos de Moreno, Jalisco state

According to the Prosecutor’s Office, Friends gathered at the Mirador de San Miguel on Friday, August 11th. There, they found signs of blood, belts and other items, which they are also investigating.

A video circulated Monday night of young men allegedly found beaten and gagged, but the Jalisco state government said it was not yet possible to locate them.

In this regard, the Jalisco State Attorney General’s Office stated that it is already investigating the images to confirm their authenticity, although initially, the families of the missing people believe that “the young people in the photos are likely to be theirs” missing Personnel Attorney Blanca Trujillo said.

The agency has linked the incidents to the involvement of criminal groups“before some signs were found in the search”, for which they asked FGR to file a lawsuit.

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