Jalisco records new death from COVID-19 in Puerto Vallarta


In the General Hospital of the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS) in Puerto Vallarta recorded the fourth death by COVID-19 in Jalisco, as reported by the State Laboratory of Public Health through the Secretariat of Health Jalisco (SSJ).

In addition, reported five new cases, which accumulate in the State, 104 people sick and four asymptomatic carriers.

The fourth death corresponds to a man 42 years of age, who died last Wednesday, 1 of April. The patient also suffered from obesity and had a history of risk COVID-19 to living in a center for work with foreign people.

In Jalisco have been reported other deaths in the municipalities of Guadalajara, Zapopan and Tomatlán; which correspond to two male (both 55 years of age) and a woman (56 years old).

Today, the SSJ has studied suspected cases in 75 municipalities of Jalisco, and only confirmed infections in Zapopan, Guadalajara, Cuautla, Tomatlán, Tecolotlán, Tlajomulco of Zuniga, Port Vallarta and Ameca. Today we also added the municipalities of Yahualica González Gallo, San Julián and Lagos de Moreno.

The dependence ruled out 725 cases in total, while 638 cases are still in process.

According to the epidemiological data of the SSJ, of the 104 people confirmed to COVID-19 (sick) 87 percent have been ambulatory to the present mild symptoms, which are under care in their homes.

Seventeen more people have required hospitalization, of which six people were discharged due to the improvement, four by death, and seven remain in hospital –both in private hospitals as in public hospitals, in stable state (3), delicate (1), serious (2) and very severe (1).

In terms of gender, the largest proportion of infections COVID-19 is presented in the male (six out of 10); while the age group most affected by viral infection is that of 50-54 year-olds with a proportion of 13 per cent.



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