Jalisco State Health Office ruled out intensifying measures against coronavirus before UNAM’s alert

The institute called for the resumption of the use of face masks in light of the increase in COVID-19 cases reported by the Autonomous University of Mexico, but Jalisco authorities have ruled out strengthening these measures

Given the increase in cases Coronavirus disease reported that Autonomous University of Mexicothe Institute calls reusable mask Living with multiple people for more than 30 minutes and in enclosed spaces or with little or no ventilation due not only to the spread of the coronavirus but also to other types of respiratory illness storms that typically occur indoors, such as influenza or pneumonia .In this regard, the director Jalisco Public Health, Gabriella Menaindicating that so far The entity’s health authorities are not expected to announce enhanced measures against the coronavirusWell, he said, according to local monitoring, the condition remains stable.

Therefore, the current specific recommendations for mass use (masks) are not the same as before, and we will continue to evaluate (the situation),” the director said. The reason for the above, she said, was because Jalisco also had Mena Rodriguez Mena Rodríguez asserted that at the moment we have no increase in cases, but in the coming months there will be an increase in colds, not only the new coronavirus, but also some other respiratory diseases, and we must be prepared

He pointed out that this recommendation is for those who already suffer from respiratory diseases. For the purpose of prevention and respect for those around them, they must wear masks and it is best not to leave the house. “It’s not that patients shouldn’t use it because the emergency is over, of course they should use it to protect others,” the doctor added.

The director insisted that despite the lack of public testing campaigns, testing was still taking place So if they develop any symptoms of the disease, people can call 33 3823 3220 and a professional will indicate where to take the test after the previous screening. If they think the situation may be related to the new coronavirus, they will also be sent for sampling,” Mena Rodriguez said.


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