Jameela Jamil can finally show their “lorzas” in advertising campaigns



The actress Jameela Jamil has been celebrated as a personal achievement the latest promotional image from the series ‘The Good Place’, in which he poses with the rest of her co-stars wearing one of the elegant dresses with neckline word of honor that you love your character in the fiction, Tahani, and that will mark a crease to the ceñírsele under the arms and in the back.

“I’m finally in a position to insist that it is not retouching my image, or even in billboards,” he announced proudly in a tweet. “I always come out lorzas in the back with all the bras that I wear. And before I used to hide or delete many photos because of this fat or my double chin or any other ‘imperfection’, because they saw that none of the people that come out on television also had them”.

The intention of the interpreter, as she herself has explained in another message, is to encourage everyone to wear those dresses, shorts or bathing suits that don’t dare to wear in public for fear of breaking “any rule” is not written or believing that they are not suitable for your type of silhouette.

On the other hand, Jameela -who is very aware of the way in which you perceive your own beauty – has insisted that he wants to sin of heavy or give sermons to no one: “And by the way, I am sending you celebréis the fat of your back or anything like that. There is nothing more annoying that listening to a actress slender give lessons on how they should feel other about your physical. The only thing I ask is that we accept our bodies for what they are: normal and human, and very varied, without feeling shame or that they are not at the height,” he qualified.