Jameela Jamil: I do not care my career


2020-04-11 10:30:05

The star of ‘The Good Place’, Jameela Jamil, has said that he doesn’t care his career.

To Jameela Jamil does not matter your race.

The actress of 34 years has insisted that the fame and the money have never been their motivations, and instead focusing on helping other people “feel less unhappy”.

The star of ‘Good Place’, which is overly rare, told the channel Q of RADIO.COM: “I do Not care my career … I have been very thankful for doing everything that I’ve done, but my main concern from the first time I sat down with an agent 12 years ago I wanted to try to help people to feel less unhappy “.

Jameela also revealed that he realized for the first time that it is strange during his time at the school.

However, he found it difficult to be open about their sexuality in an environment as homophobic.

The star born in London, he said: “I was Already chubby, and south Asia and was in the ruin, and therefore, you could not be so rare”.

“That was not going to be acceptable, as if it barely survived the first three”.

Jameela recently revealed that regrets have come off as strange when he did.

The actress felt compelled to speak about his sexuality after joining the new television program ‘Legendary’, a competition focused on the culture of the ballroom, and the vogging, since many people thought that the panel should be composed exclusively of people queer to reflect the themes of the program.

Jameela admitted he would have preferred to leave “in a different time”.

She explained: “it Was just a blast. That was not well handled. I’m human and I’m broke!

“If I could go back, I would have done in a different time. I don’t know when it is really appropriate, but that was not the best time”.

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