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When the protagonists of the August issue of the british edition of Vogue, were contacted by the publication to ask them if they were interested in participating in this special titled ‘Forces for change’, none of them was aware that it was the duchess of Sussex who was behind this project so special. With the exception of Salma Hayek, of course, that has been hypothesized of which thanks to his friendship with the editor-in-chief she had been made aware of what was really happening in advance.

Due to this lack of information, the actress and activist Jameela Jamil -who appears on the cover as recognition of his initiative ‘I Weigh’, which seeks to do away with the canons of impossible beauty that prevail in the present – I don’t expect anyone to get in touch with her after he wrote an article about the wage gap for the publication.

“No one told us that he had a guest editor, and much less that it was all a thing of Meghan. She called me several days after I left the magazine, and I ignored his call three times! When I finally answered the phone and I realized that she was, I wanted to give you slaps,” he confessed Jameela magazine Grazia. “He explained to Me that she had edited the number and apologized for all the secrecy that had surrounded the process. I said that I had been chosen to appear in the number because he was aware of my work and is a big fan. To know that she has seen what we do with ‘I Weigh’ means a world to me.”

During their conversation, the wife of prince Henry caused a very favourable impression by the friendly, close and shockingly funny that is showed.

“Never seen that before, but we chatted with a lot of naturalness. I commented on how important it is for her equal pay, and he told me that he loves ‘The Good Place’. I wanted to die of shame, because that means that you have seen the jokes I’ve made about it in the series,” he explained about the fiction of Netflix in the that gives life to a young woman of high british society called Tahani, who always boasts of their personal achievements and their friendships are important, among which is included the duke and duchess of Sussex.

“He told Me that he was very grateful to Tahani by him presented to Henry. I did not know what to do, I could only answer: ‘No need’,” he revealed.

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