Jameela Jamil talks about her struggle with the eating disorder


Jameela Jamil

The actress recalled through a photograph from 10 years ago, as was his fight against the anorexia.

The actress Jameela Jamil recently shared a photo from 10 years ago (2009), recalling its difficulties with an eating disorder.

“This was a sad day 10 years ago. Didn’t want to go to the event because I was convinced that I was “too fat” and that it would be publicly fat and ashamed the next day. I was so weak that I could only stay for 10 minutes. The eating disorders or dysmorphia, are very wild. I miss my teen years / 20 years ”, he wrote in the social networks along with an image.

In the photo, she appears posing with a dress black tight and heels.

Jamil often speaks publicly about her experience with an eating disorder when I was a teenager, and the impact of society on the relationship of people with food and their bodies, reports eonline.com.

Since then, launched a campaign of neutrality of the body, called “I Weigh”, on Instagram @i_weight, where thousands of women have shared photos and powerful messages, which advocate that women not be classified by the body weight that you have.