Jameela Jamil: the Hollywood actress who seeks to tear down the old concept of beauty


Jameela Jamil was born in London, he worked in radios british and led to successful television programmes. And at the age of 29, against everyone who told her that she was too “big, fat, and ethnic” to succeed in Hollywood, he achieved a starring in the series The Good Place that took his fame to another dimension.

But Jameela does not want to talk about that. Your exposure in the network used to touch the issues that really matter: fashion, beauty standards, influencers, social pressure, anorexia, bulimia and depression. Always from feminism, empowerment, respect towards women and towards their own I interior.

As a teenager, like many other girls, Jameela suffered from anorexia nervosa. Between 14 and 17 years of age are not fed well, not menstruó and he was struggling to “fit into a beauty ideal” that you were selling the media. “I never saw the media celebrate women for their intellect, only saw pop stars highly sexualized very, very skinny or actresses skeletal”, featured some months ago in an interview with Channel 4 News. “All my magazines told me that I had to be thin because otherwise, it would not be nothing.”

And at the age of 17, in an auto accident, Jameela broke the column. Walking again was not easy, the medication made her gain weight and it was then that be friend with your body and learned to value it. “And probably that accident saved my life, because but perhaps today it would still be anorexic,” said the actress.

Since some years ago, Jameela became an activist on the subject and is dedicated to exposing how many media companies and celebrities to spread a ideal of beauty that leads to unhappiness of millions of women in the world. And in his role as anti-heroine, not afraid of anything: in your opinion, has been faced with figures such as Karl Lagerfeld, the clan Kardashian or big brands like Avon.

Jameela Jamil: against the largest

When in February he passed away, Karl Lagerfeld, Jameela wrote on his Twitter: “A misogynist, ruthless and gordofóbico it should not be remembered all over the Internet as a saint who has gone too soon. Talented, of course, but not the better person”. And this controversial statement led to a discussion on this medium, with the model Cara Delevigne.

The clan Kardashian also doesn’t like Jameela. In his last tweet dedicated to the sisters, the actress wrote: “The pockets of the Kardashians are stained with blood and diarrhea of teenage girls”. A discussion that was born when Kim threw a few lollypops appetite suppressants, and when Khloé said: “the only two things that you want a girl are eating and be skinny”.

The actress also has feared of the big brands. When Avon made an advertisement that said, “dimples are cute on your face, not your thighs,” Jameela replied, “Stop shaming women by age, weight and cellulite. Are things inevitable, completely normal. Trying to ‘fix it’ is to, literally, prepare for failure.” And the critical work: Avon removed the advertising, and apologized.

Jameela has also gone against Cardi B when the rapper publicised on their networks a smoothie detox, and against Amber Rose when promoted a slimming tea during pregnancy. What actress holds is that the influencers have to be responsible of what they sell and of the ideas that are installed in their followers.

I weigh: your own campaign

One day, Jameela found in the networks a photo of the clan Kardashian in which each member had overprinted her true weight. The actress shared the picture and wrote indignantly: “this is how women are taught to value themselves, in kilos”.

From there, was born the platform I Weigh. The account of Instagram, which has over 700 thousand followers, invites people to send their photo by typing above what things weigh really: “great friends, love my job, and laughter all the days”, wrote among other things Jameela in your first posting.

Daily, Jameela shares and responds to feedback of his followers on the topic. In an emotional video that went up a few days ago, said, “I read hundreds of messages a day from young people who tell me that feel suicidal or anxious or depressive or who do not want to leave their homes because they feel very ugly, because they can’t reach the perfection that the society and the social networks and the fashion you have been told to expect of them.”

“I’ve had eating disorders, I have used the lasers and the creams, I have taken the tea détox. No one told me I didn’t have to do this: all I was told that I should and encouraged me to do so. And now I’d like to try to be a voice in the chaos that tells you that you dont have to do it and we should not think that all of our value is wrapped up in this shit”, he explained in a short summary of your cause.

Jameela became a kind of influencer anti-influencer that, instead of transmitting only what the big companies want to sell, is dedicated to talk about ideas genuine and personal. Also showed that the pathways to success can be very diverse and though it may be more difficult, it is not always necessary to follow canons of the absurd, nor to be silent in the face of what it does not do well.

And, however, the criticism he receives for his work are not few. Among other things, it accuses them of not being what “enough fat” to speak of the gordofobia. His response is always that the asthma medication that he took for a number of years did you gain weight and which, when let go, went back down naturally and slowly: not because of killing to diet, not anorexia nervosa. Not anymore. And that, is the message.