James Cameron warns against artificial intelligence

He already said it in 1984, during The Terminator: “AI will take over, and there will be no more work for us in the film world,” he repeats this concept forty years later.

James Cameron warns against artificial intelligence

Forty years have passed and yet terminatorsFilm about James Cameron starring schwarzi, it’s more relevant than ever. The use of artificial intelligence in film takes place primarily today, and the director is not averse to repeating this in a lengthy interview: “I warned you back in 1984” -informs- “Machines will rule the world, and we humans will become obsolete”.

What the director is afraid of and what he shares with scientists is to ban to AI take over; on the other hand, we’ve seen a lot of these films,”TO with Hayley OsmentBicentennial Man with Robin Williams, I Robot with Will Smith or Minority Report with Tom Cruise, but the director says he won’t be using AI to write his own script.

Artificial intelligence, the director continues in a recent and very long interview given to the Canadian television channel CTV, also speaking about writers’ strike associated with it will be used primarily military purpose: “I think we’ll go into the equivalent arms race as for nuclear energy, but with artificial intelligenceIt’s not hard to imagine that AI is involved in a military scenario where entire battles are fought by computers.”

As stated in the movie The Imitation Game, machines make computational calculations but they cannot learn instinct, human reasoning, computability theory, which studies the minimum resources needed to solve a problem, with complexity algorithm or the efficiency of the algorithm.

James Cameron is not worried that AI can write the same versatile scenarios as a person, there is no danger in this: “Only time will tell if AI can actually write the script”. Finally, regarding the strike of actors and writers: “That’s right and they should be compensated, many productions have been stopped and rescheduled.”

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