James Gunn denies crazy ‘rumor’ of Johnny Sins as Lex Luthor but won’t comment on Wonder Woman case

In the past few hours, James Gunn has been forced to refute an unexpected rumor, to say the least, that appeared as a simple joke, but many took it seriously!

It all started when Le Cinéphiles, an account that only publishes parodies related to the world of cinema, joked about the casting of porn star Johnny Sins for the role Lex Luthorone of the antagonists Superman: Legacy.

Naturally, this was purely a joke… a joke that went extremely viral (6 million people), causing many to take this post seriously and believe in this kind of casting! The industry site even relaunched the news as a true rumor, so more and more people misunderstand the situation.

In the face of it all, the same James Gunn was forced to refute the news and in response to the bewilderment of the user said:

My God, you don’t really believe this.

It is curious that the director himself took the time to comment on this crazy rumor, but did not reveal anything about the case. amazing woman: in fact, in the past few days, Gal Gadot announced his return for a third movie in the new DC Universe, but various sites in the sector have since vehemently denied this.

Many expected an explanatory comment from Gann, but presumably the latter is not yet in a position to comment on the matter. Perhaps he has not yet decided with certainty how fate will turn out. amazing woman From Gal Gadot? Or are there contractual situations at stake? We hope to find out soon.

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