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James Gunn disproves a Polka-Dot Man and Milton fan theory

The movie ‘The Suicide Squad’ It has had a great reception from the public and critics, however it did not exceed expectations regarding the expected box office, but both fans and Warner are happy with the production of James Gunn who was fully involved in the story , so much so that he is very aware of his social networks and through them, James Gunn debunked a Polka-Dot Man theory.

The character of Polka-Dot Man made his appearance in a live-action version for the first time in ‘The Suicide Squad’ and is played by the actor David Dastalmachian, who has a long career within the superhero genre, but this villain has had few appearances in comics because he is considered one of the most ridiculous in DC, both for his powers and for his appearance.

Through their social networks, James Gunn disproved a Polka-Dot Man theory, which supposedly explained the reason for the closeness with Milton, since he simply denied through a tweet:

“In ‘The Suicide Squad’ (2021), the reason Polka-Dot Man is bonded with Milton is because Bill Finger, also known as Milton (Bill) Finger, is the writer who created the character.”

While the creator of Polka-Dot Man is Bill Finger, He is also called Milton, not necessarily because of his closeness and perhaps the name of Milton was only given as a reference to this creator of DC, such as the cameo of John Ostander, creator of the team in the comics who had a brief appearance in the film as the doctor who inserts the bomb into the head of Savant.

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