James Gunn was going to kill Ratcatcher

If you haven’t seen yet Suicide squad by James Gunn, we are sorry, but this article contains obvious spoilers since, from the headline, we advance that we talk about character deaths. If you have seen it, you will already know that saying this is not saying much because the film lives up to its title and deaths are counted in droves, from the beginning to the end. Come on, like to laugh at Game of Thrones and its penultimate episodes of the season.

However, amid so much massacre, there are always those who feel more or less sorry to leave the site, both the spectators and James Gunn himself. The scriptwriter and director of the film has spoken with Variety about its bloody ending to clarify that before filming it was going to be even darker. Recall that Starro kills Polka-Dot Man (David Dastmalchian) in the end, but it turns out that Gunn’s initial plan was to take down an even more important character. But no, he was not able to say goodbye to Ratcatcher 2 (Daniela Merchior)

ratcatcher and bloodsport in suicide squad

Warner Bros.

Regarding the original ending that I presented, a main character died and another main character did not. The main character who died was Ratcatcher 2. He was so sweet, I felt it was too dark. It’s not that we don’t love Polka-Dot Man. We do. I just couldn’t kill Ratcatcher 2. So I backed off.

Not that we want to doubt the creative independence of James Gunn (well, yes) but there are also rumors that Daniela Melchior’s character is in DC’s extended universe plans as one of their supervillains. Of course, we see him more possibilities than poor Polka-Dot Man. Whatever the reason, whether the love of its director or the future of the DCU, Ratcatcher 2 has survived The Suicide Squad by the hair.

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