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James Rodríguez chose between two famous adult film actresses


In his continuous appearances on the social network Twitch, the renowned Colombian footballer was consulted about a couple of adult film actresses. El Cafetero chose between the options.

Esperanza Gómez, James and Mía Khalifa.  (Photo: Instagram.)


Esperanza Gómez, James and Mía Khalifa. (Photo: Instagram.)

Right now it is not known what will become of the near future of James Rodríguez in football. All roads indicate that his sports project will not continue in Everton, a club with which everything seems to be broken and not with the institution but with the coach, Rafael Benitez.

The fact is that the number 10 of the Colombia team is a continuous user of video game streams on Twitch, the social network that has gained considerable strength in recent times, even in which matches of high international interest have already been broadcast. .

As the footballer is exposed to comments and is very interactive with his followers, in the middle of one of his transmissions he was consulted about Mia Khalifa and Esperanza Gómez, two renowned actresses and personalities of adult entertainment.

However, without hesitation, when faced with a particular question from one of his followers, the Colombian midfielder responded directly and bluntly: “What are those questions? Obvious the national talent, we must always support what we do. ‘Hope’ is the last thing you lose (laughs) “.

Between Rodríguez Rubio and Everton’s technical director, the Spaniard Rafael Benítez, there has been a tense tug of war in recent days; precisely, this Friday at a press conference, the helmsman showed him the exit door by saying about the Colombian: “there is a lot of speculation. We have to work with the players who are here. Until August 31, yes, it’s in my plans”.

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