James was called to order by zinedine Zidane to play for Real Madrid, against the Royal Society, the world of Football – a Sport


Real Madrid faced Real Sociedad in the Spanish league.

James Rodriguez

James, along with zinedine ZIdane.



June 20, 2020 , which is 10:07 a. m.

Zinedine Zidane made the call from Real Madrid for a meet on Sunday, Real Sociedad, in the third game in the box is played, and then a return to the Portuguese football.

In the notice, be present, and the colombian James Rodrìguezanyone who has been following the call of the Zidane, on the two occasions in the previous, but it has not been taken into account.

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James hopes that this week, it may take time, a computer starts to accumulate a sequence of games, and Zinedine Zidane could be refrescarlo, but it has no other substitute in the first leg, as shown.

The match against the Royal Society, is from a visitor and 3 page. m. time in colombia. This is a list of the squad:

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