Jamie Lee Curtis: ‘Tom Cruise isn’t the only one who saved cinema’

Jamie Lee Curtis wanted to highlight the billionaire receipts obtained from his films at the box office, emphasizing how Tom Cruise was not the only one who saved cinema.

Jamie Lee Curtis: "Tom Cruise isn't the only one who saved cinema"

The video in which Steven Spielberg thanks Tom Cruise for literally saving “Hollywood’s ass” after the pandemic has been making the rounds on social media. The director had in fact congratulated for the global success of Top Gun: Maverick which has hit the box office.

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But there is one actress in particular who wanted to have her say, emphasizing how Tom Cruise wasn’t the only one who saved cinema. We are talking about Jamie Lee Curtis who, host of The Late Show With James Corden, said: “Obviously I’m not here to promote the best film of 2022, no, the best film of an entire generation. Nor am I here to talk about how my films have generated $2.5 billion at the box office. Tom Cruise isn’t the only one who saved the movie industry.”.

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Jamie Lee Curtis obviously referred to Everything Everywhere All at Once, a film that received 11 Oscar nominations. Among these is also her nomination for “best supporting actress” for the role of IRS inspector Dierdre Beaubeirdre. This is the first absolute nomination for the Hollywood diva.

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