Jamie Lynn Spears in the movie trailer

Millennials assemble: Jamie Lynn Spears is back in Zoey 102, the sequel to the hugely successful series that launched the “little girl” of Spears’ household in the 2000s.

Zoey 102: Jamie Lynn Spears in the movie trailer

It’s been announced for a while, but the release of the trailer has made many a millennial’s dream come true: Zoey 102 see the return of jamie lynn spears to PCA. A reunion with a taste of nostalgia that fits the relaunch of one of the most popular TV series of the 2000s. If teen series Zoey 101 struck a chord with teens between 2005 and 2008, the new Paramount+ film finds its heroes in more mature form 15 years after the final episode. But the release date is still secret!

images of trailerHowever, give us a taste of the new adventures the now grown-up “younger” Spears will have to face. There will also be Erin Sander and Matthew Underwood in the roles of Quinn Pensky and Logan Reese, respectively, along with Jamie Lynn Spears, the younger sister of iconic singer Britney Spears of an entire generation, but the most anticipated return is undoubtedly Sean. as dallin chase mathews, Zoey’s longtime love interest. Their tumultuous relationship has accompanied the entire original series: What should we expect from Nickelodeon’s most famous ex-couple?

According to the Zoey 102 trailer, Quinn and Logan’s wedding will have an occasion repatriated Former high school classmates and it looks like Zoey wants to impress by bringing along a fake boyfriend, played by none other than one of the brothers. Hemsworth, Who else could the “couple” face besides Chase? This will be the beginning of a chain of unexpected events that will create havoc in the life of the protagonist.

Jamie Lynn Spears commented on the film’s announcement in January: “I’m incredibly happy to return with my PCA family and continue the story of Zoey and all of the characters fans have come to know and love.” An executive producer As such, it has been an exciting opportunity to work with such incredible talent as well as Paramount+ and Nickelodeon.”

it seems that i Revival Winners are horses for Hollywood and Zoey 102 is the latest example of the fact that the trend of the moment is movies based on the most popular TV series of the past. Afterwards no statement made Paramount+ has banked on another TeenNick product and we just have to wait for this new chapter in the adventures of Zoey Brooks!

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