January days, the romantic song that Shakira wrote to Antonio de la Rúa and that became a curse

Shakira and Antonio de la Rúa met in January 2000 and were a couple for 10 years
Shakira and Antonio de la Rúa met in January 2000 and were a couple for 10 years

“I met you one day in January, with the moon on my nose. And as I saw that you were sincere, in your eyes I lost myself. What a clumsy distraction and what a sweet sensation, ”he wrote. Shakira In a musical key and with those simple verses he materialized one of his most beautiful songs and sung by his fans around the world. The video on the beach and the romantic melody gave her the magic touch that made her a success.

This is not just another song in their repertoire nor does it tell any story. That letter had a recipient: Antonio, her love, the man she shared ten years with. The Argentine lawyer son of the former president of the Alliance, Fernando of the Rúa. With the one who lived in various cities around the world and the one who ended up taking her to court demanding 18 percent of all her earnings during the time they shared together, claiming to have contributed to the launch of her international career as we know it. A legal battle that seems to have no end.

But let’s go back to the romantic fact and the history of this subject. Although it is not known exactly what day of January they met, their first meeting was in 2000, in Buenos Aires, at a dinner where the Colombian was presenting her album Where are the thieves? They say that the crush was immediate and that the young man did not hesitate to put his projects on hold to accompany her on her tours and the long recordings of her albums. It was a very prolific time for Shak, in which he wrote many topics. At that time, it was common to see them spend their days in their farm in Punta del Este, where the singer took refuge to find inspiration.

Shakira and Antonio de la Rúa, when they were together
Shakira and Antonio de la Rúa, when they were together

Soon, the happy years are behind us. It was 2002 and the Barranquilla native was worried about her boyfriend and the situation her in-laws were going through. His father-in-law had left the Casa Rosada in a helicopter in the middle of a social outbreak and with a Plaza de Mayo with dozens of fatalities. So it occurred to him that he could take his notebook and cheer him up a bit with what he does best: music.

“I know the reason that makes your heart ache, that’s why I wanted to make you this song”, he pointed out and continued in that sense: “I already found several scratches that were made on you there, but my crazy love is your best doctor. I am going to heal your grieving soul, I am going to leave you as new and everything will pass, soon you will see the sun shine ”.

This is reinforced in another stanza by saying, “And even if you have been a foreigner even in your own country. If I say to you, “how do you say?”, You still say, “what do you say?” And you cry with emotion, listening to a bandoneon ”.

The truth is that such a declaration of love was overshadowed by the events that happened after his departure in 2005. Many point out that January day It has a curse, because after the song was published, the relationship between the two began to go through its worst years. And although they definitely ended in August 2010, there were several crises they had to go through until five years after the release of that song, precisely one January, that relationship ended.

That was not the first time that the Colombian singer dedicated a song to her former partner. The first was Underneath Your Clothes of the disk Laundry service, a ballad sung in English that reached the top 6 on the US charts. But this time they went further, because Antonio appears in the video dancing with her. In that album that has just turned 20 years since its release, it was also included Luck, another song in which he sang to him: “Luckily that you were born in the south, and that we scoff at distances. Lucky it is to have met you and for you to love foreign lands. I can climb the Andes alone, to go to count your moles. With you I celebrate and suffer everything and my joys and my ills ”.

In the same line, Shakira also dedicated songs to her current partner, Gerard Piqué. “With you I would have ten children, let’s start with a couple. I’m just telling you, in case you want to practice ”, he says in his song I fell in love, which launched in 2017.

Shakira and Piqué in Germany on a musical tour (AP)
Shakira and Piqué in Germany on a musical tour (AP)

The singer’s relationship with the player began after the 2010 World Cup, when she sang the famous song Waka, Waka. As he declared to different media at that time “it was love at first sight” and since then they have become one of the most famous couples in the world.


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