January Series: What to Watch on Star +, HBO Max, Amazon Prime Video, and More

The year 2022 begins with a battery of great premieres in terms of series. The television debut of an atypical superhero, a fun proposal in the spirit of Jim Henson and the first fiction on a small screen of Alejandro Amenábar, are some of the titles that stand out in this January.

The second Suicide Squad film, marked the debut of Peacemaker (John Cena), a particular vigilante who is governed by his own desires, a somewhat flexible moral, and a worrying obsession with firearms. And after directing that piece, James gunn considered that the character had enough potential to be at the forefront of his own fiction, and in that way Hbo green-lit a title focused on Peacemaker. The story takes place after the feature film, and explores the origin of the character, and his society with other heroes as atypical as him.

During 2020, and within the framework of a quarantine, Gunn wrote the eight episodes that make up the first season, and confessed that he had the possibility of working the story without any type of restriction, using that antihero to reflect on various current conflicts . For all this, Peacemaker promises a lot Action, wild humor, and the recognizable Gunn touch, also responsible for the films of Guardians of the galaxy.

Peacemaker premieres its first episode on January 12, on HBO Max.

Actor, comedian and screenwriter BJ Novak (the remembered Ryan from The Office) is the creator and host of this series that honors old television anthologies through stories that aim to explore the limits of morality. In each episode, Novak presents a self-concluding plot that revolves around various ethical dilemmas of today, touching on topics such as gun control, social justice, revenge, leaking sex videos, fame and use and limits. social networks. With a particular use of humor or drama, but always with a decidedly cynical tone, The Premise seeks to reflect on current life, without neglecting the power of a good story. Among some of the guest interpreters, is Jon Bernthal, Daniel Dae Kim Y Beau bridges.

Starting Wednesday 12, available on Star +.

Alejandro Amenábar He is one of the most important names in current Spanish cinema. Since his debut ThesisHis journey took him to Hollywood, getting to rub shoulders with big names in the industry. And in his first television production, the director decided to adapt The black swan treasure, a comic from the prestigious Paco Roca (perhaps the most valuable living Spanish cartoonist in that country). In this way, the miniseries comes to the small screen The Fortune, an exciting adventure whose cast is made up of Stanley Tucci, Álvaro Mei Y Ana Polvorosa.

The protagonist of the story is Álex Ventura, a young diplomat who fortuitously ends up directing a dangerous mission that seeks to find the treasure of an adventurer called Frank Wild. Together with Lucía, a brave state employee, and with the help of an expert lawyer in old pirate stories, Álex will undertake a dangerous mission, accompanied by an atypical team. And about the challenge that his first series meant for him, Amenábar commented: “The sensation has been, if you like, very cinematic. To many people who work on TV, what I am about to say does not suit them very well, but I felt like I was shooting a very long movie. Because yes, you know that each episode has to function as an independent entity, but at the moment when all that piles up and becomes a huge puzzle that you have to put in order in the montage, it’s like shooting a movie ”.

La fortuna opens on Sunday, January 16 at 10 p.m., on the AMC channel.

The Spanish Maggie Civantos, had the opportunity to work in series of great popularity, among which stand out The Cable Girls, Vis a Vis and its sequel, The oasis. And to that list now we have to add Express, in which he plays a criminal psychologist who is the victim of an express kidnapping. Based on that traumatic experience, she decides to specialize in this type of crime, working as an intermediary between the kidnappers and the family of the hostages.

For Civantos, the experience of working in Express It was very valuable, as he acknowledged in an interview: “Playing this character was barbaric, and tremendous at the same time. She is at a specific moment in her life, in which everything collapses ”. For his part, the creator of the story, Ivan escobar, assured that his intention was to reflect on what he calls, the “Democratization of crime”, and in a note he explained: “Four guys drinking beers on a Sunday afternoon with a car, they decide to go crazy for money. And I am concerned about the way in which crime has become democratized, and how this can happen to anyone ”.

Starting January 16, every Sunday a new episode of Express, by Starzplay.

One of the most anticipated titles of the month, comes through Amazon Prime Video. In the docuseries entitled Simeone: live match by match, the focus is on the professional life of Diego Simeone, a footballer and technical director who developed a very personal style of thinking about the sport. As a player or strategist, the “Cholo” developed what many consider a philosophy of life, whose implementation goes far beyond the limits of a field. The six-episode documentary focuses on the 2020 and 2021 season, and accompanies the athlete in his privacy, as well as in his work. In this way, the series observes in detail how his way of understanding life and football are part of the same logic. Among the many interviews that make up this title, are the voices of great figures of the medium, such as Cristiano Ronaldo, David Beckham, Leo Messi, José Mourinho, Pep Guardiola and Luis Suárez, among many more.

Simeone: live game by game, premieres on January 26 on Amazon Prime Video.

The channel History continues its thematic productions, dedicated to thoroughly investigating the hidden plot behind the inventions, personalities and concepts, which changed the history of mankind. And after Industry giants Y Food giants, it is the turn of this series that reviews the origin of some of the artifacts that marked a break in people’s lives, but that today are part of everyday life. In this way, the documentary tells behind the scenes and the great rivalries that were hidden behind the birth of television, radio, and how figures in the vein of Nikola Tesla or Graham Bell, had ideas that changed the world.

Starting on Friday the 21st, at 9:00 p.m., a new chapter by History.

Fraggle Rock It was a series from the eighties, devised by Jim Henson (creator of The Muppets). And after several years, these cute creatures return in a new show, which inherits the spirit of its creator. With new songs, great guests and a production that lives up to Henson’s legacy, Fraggle Rock: Back to the Rock marks the return of these beloved characters, to entertain a new generation of children, and adults too.

As of January 21, through the Apple TV screen.

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