Japan remembers the 75th anniversary of the end of World War II


Tokyo, 23 sep (EFE).- The japanese archipelago of Okinawa, he was reminded of this on Tuesday, for the achievement of a low profile to avoid the spread of the 75th anniversary of the end of the bloody battle of the same name during the second World War, between the americans and the japanese, which took some 200,000 lives.

The ceremony was held at the Peace Memorial Park in Itoman, a town in the south of the main island of Okinawa, which was the scene of the final battle, and only able to use the invited guests who are living in their own city, according to local agency Kyodo.

The japanese prime minister, Shinzo Abe; the mayors of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and that a UN representative would be expected to appear in the act, but the restrictions are to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 side have made that they can only be present through a video uploaded to it.

The Battle of Okinawa was the only ground invasion of the United States to Japan during the second World War, and there was only a few months before the release of the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, which led to the unconditional surrender of a country in east asia.

The bloody confrontation lasted three months and claimed the lives of one out of every four okinawanos around of 94,000, in total.

Authorities in the small island country, tend to take advantage of the anniversary to underscore the heavy burden that supports the Programs that it receives around 75 per cent of the military bases of the americans that are there in Japan.

These facilities, which occupy one-fifth of the surface area of the main island, have been built on top of the soil, expropiado during the period of the us occupation that lasted until 1972, two decades younger than in the rest of asia.

The plan proposed by the central government, japnés is the transport of a military base in a less populated area that is within the same area, but the block is opposed to this project, has retained a majority in the regional assembly in elections this month. TODAY


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