Japan tour also includes video games

Not only football. tour ofInter in Japan, he looks at the players in a new way. In fact, Simone Inzaghi’s troops were engaged in various side activities, which also visited the headquarters in between friendly matches Konamipartner of the Nerazzurri since July 2022.

Bastogne wins e-football tournament

Yesterday afternoon Alessandro Bastoni, Federico Dimarco and Davide Frattesi attended an event hosted by Konami. The three players challenged each other in an esports match in the Japanese giant’s esports room with a few local players, giving all the fans a spectacle worth watching. Alessandro Bastoni took care of that to win the competition by winning the comeback mini-tournament.


“Here in Japan, I have been able to visit many places,” the Nerazzurri advocate said on the sidelines of the event, “I have visited temples and other traditional architectural structures. I have eaten teppanyaki and I love Japanese culture. video games? Yes, I’ve played it a lot before. However, ever since I became a father, I have had to stop. Which player would I add to my team? Messi.”

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