Jarry: his tackle to the columnists of TPMP after the critics on his TV movie


This Friday, January 22, Jarry returned to the shooting of his future TV movie. The comedian did not fail to tackle the TPMP columnists who had literally criticized his project.

According to our colleagues from TV Mag, TF1 has started shooting a TV movie co-written by Jarry and entitled: “At your sides”. The first channel which now likes to bet on fiction inspired by true stories will indeed produce a film inspired by the history of comedy. And the critics are already there even before the broadcast. In September 2020 in “TPMP Open to All”, the columnists expressed their skepticism: “There may be things before (other subjects, editor’s note). On Johnny, there is one in preparation that I seem more logical. But Jarry may be a bit early. ” launched Jean-Pascal Lacoste.
” If he plays like he animates, I won’t be in front of his biopic” declared Ludivine Rétory after having estimated that the performance of the comedian as a TV host was “rotten” and did not bode well.
Not to discourage Jarry who had replied to the columnists on Instagram: “End of the 1st week of the shooting of the film By your side with a team and incredible actors !! So looking forward !!! For bad tongues, it’s not a biopic sorry! “.

This Friday, January 22, the Mask Singer jury member was David Barbet’s guest at Télépro to discuss his media and literary news. During the Facebook live, Jarry revealed that the shooting of his TV movie is finished and being edited and that he would hand it over to TF1 during the first fifteen days of February. “Didier Bourdon will be in the role of my father and Marie-Anne Chazel in the role of my mother” he revealed.

“I’ll give you a piece of advice: take for example journalists who are really journalists. Don’t take these people as an example because otherwise you are just going to do shit and that would be a shame because you look adorable. I never said it was a movie about my life. When people have nothing to eat, they put anything in their mouths. It’s human stupidity “he then launched, subtly tackling the TPMP columnists.